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Corporate Gifts

In the world of corporate gifting, it's essential to stand out and show that extra level of attention to detail. Are you tired of the same generic corporate gifts and want to make your staff or clients feel truly appreciated? Sweet Post is here to help you make a lasting impression with our unique and personalised corporate gifts.

Tailored Irish Products for Your Business

We take pride in offering the finest and highest quality corporate products, all made in Ireland. The process is simple: select the perfect greeting card and premium Irish chocolate. We then take care of personalising your card with your company name and logo, and we can even print your company name on the chocolate wrappers. Your requirements, our expertise. Premium Irish-made Butlers chocolates, delivered with care. We are committed to delivering the highest quality Irish products.

Luxurious Packaging for a Lasting Impact

Our packaging is not just ordinary. It's designed to astonish your clients, suppliers, or staff. It's the kind of packaging that leaves a lasting impression and shows that you've gone the extra mile to make your gift special. Make someone smile, celebrate with Sweet Post.

Personalised Corporate Cards

Our corporate cards are designed to meet your exact expectations. Choose from our portfolio of unique card designs, or let us create a custom card that perfectly represents your brand. When ordering cards from us, we provide unique Sweet Post envelopes, ensuring a complete and professional package. These are not your average high-street cards; all our cards are meticulously crafted by our in-house Graphic Designer.

For information or a quotation email us at

Shine with Metallic or Gold Finish

Make your corporate cards shine even brighter with the option to add a metallic or gold finish. These finishing touches elevate your cards and give them a touch of luxury, ensuring they stand out.

Chocolate & Cards in Unique Packaging

To make your corporate greetings truly special, we offer the option to include a bar of premium Irish chocolate in our unique Sweet Post letterbox-friendly packaging. This special packaging is ready to be sent by ordinary mail, requiring just a postage stamp and an address. We also offer mailing services to our corporate customers, making the process even more convenient.

Irish Corporate Chocolates

Choose from three varieties of Butlers chocolates to accompany your corporate card: 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate with Irish whiskey. The combination of a corporate card and a bar of Irish-made chocolate in deluxe packaging leaves a lasting impression.

Golden Moments: St. Patrick's Day with Walter Nash's Exclusive Treats

In partnership with Walter Nash, we had a blast creating something truly special. We wrapped Butlers Chocolate bars in shiny gold foil, making them look just like bars of gold. And guess what? Each gold-wrapped bar came with a cool St. Patrick's card. It had Walter Nash's logo and a lovely message on it.
This idea is a total winner for St. Patrick's Day! Want to surprise your customers, suppliers, or business pals? These shiny gold bars are not just your ordinary gift; they're a way to make St. Patrick's Day super memorable.
We love making things unique, and this golden treat is all about that. Make your St. Patrick's Day shine bright with these special goodies from Sweet Post!

Unlocking Magic: Corporate Golden Tickets

At Sweet Post, the journey to create memorable corporate experiences takes unique turns. Our collaboration with Codex Ltd introduced us to a world of imagination, resulting in exclusive Golden Tickets designed for their esteemed event.
Immersing ourselves in creativity, our in-house graphic designer sculpted custom corporate designs that mesmerized.
Embark on an extraordinary gifting journey with Sweet Post's bespoke creations. Whether you seek corporate logo chocolates or Golden Tickets, we transform your ideas into tangible expressions of appreciation and distinction. Experience the magic of personalized corporate gifting with Sweet Post.

Crafting Corporate Love: Personalized Valentine's Gifts for Your Team

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we joined hands with Toaster USA to curate something special for their staff. Our collaborative effort brought forth exclusive Valentine's cards adorned with the distinctive Toaster logo, paired with delectable chocolates housed in our signature Sweetpost packaging. The outcome? Sweet Posts designed to spark joy and spread smiles far and wide.
At Sweet Post, we believe in celebrating moments that matter. Our partnership with Toaster USA enabled us to infuse warmth and appreciation into corporate gifting. Each personalized card exudes thoughtfulness, bearing the unique Toaster logo, while the accompanying chocolates deliver an extra dose of delight.

Custom Corporate Congratulation Cards

Our collaboration with E Fox (Engineers) Ltd resulted in custom-made congratulatory cards featuring the E Fox Engineers Ltd logo, accompanied by delightful chocolates in beautiful Sweetpost packaging. These gifts received a fantastic response from the recipients, including race winners. Custom cards that can't be found in high-street shops.

Custom Personalized Corporate Chocolates & Cards

We also offer custom St. Patrick's Day cards and chocolate wrappers branded with the Walter Nash Ltd logo, all presented in our beautiful Sweetpost packaging. It's a thoughtful way to send corporate gifts across the UK, USA, and Europe. Did you know we use special equipment from Walter Nash to create our cards? If you're in search of professional print finishing equipment, visit their website at

Personalised Corporate Willy Wonka Chocolates & Golden Ticket

Our in-house graphic designer can create custom corporate designs that truly stand out. Whether it's personalised chocolates with your company logo or a Golden Ticket with your logo and greeting text, we can make it happen. The Golden Ticket is printed using special golden foil, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your gift. Surprise your business partners and customers with a unique and memorable way of sending your greetings.

Contact Us Today

Reach out to Sweet Post, and let's explore how we can help you make a lasting impression with unique, personalized corporate gifts. Make your clients, suppliers, and staff feel truly appreciated and valued. Stand out from the crowd with Sweet Post. 

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Customer Stories: What Our Family Says


Love the whole concept as it makes such a lovely gift for a special occasion. I would definitely recommend and they are a lovely company to deal with. Surprise someone with this, they will love it.

- Martina

Sent one to my sister in the UK for her birthday. A nice "thinking of you” surprise in the Post.

- Lynda C.

I can highly recommend these fabulous #gifts if you love #chocolate and #luxury.

- Clare Mc.

My friend absolutely loved the sweetpost. Also I loved that I could send her the chocolate with it, just a little something extra.

- Michelle S.

I sent the sweet post to my Mother to cheer her up and it worked! Great customer service.

- Therese D.

What a great gift idea, happy cards and chocolate deadly combo!

Easy to order. Arrived on time!

- Paul M.

Sent chocolate to my friend. She was delighted! Your website is exciting, easy to use and makes me want to treat a friend or loved one.

- Susan G.

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